Caffeine Free Coffee Alternative

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A Chicory Dandelion Blend

Caffeine Free Tastes Like Coffee 

Enjoy it any time of day - In the morning, after meals, before bed.

About It's Not Coffee

I always loved drinking coffee but the caffeine didn't love me back !

After years of searching for the Perfect Cup of Comfort to replace my beloved coffee, I developed this blend.


My family and friends love this blend

Your Family and Friends will really love this blend too! Make it a part of the enjoyment of your life.


Now you can love it too !

You too can have the Perfect Cup of Comfort because ITS NOT COFFEE but it taste great!

Works in All Coffee Makers


Single Serve Machine

Single Serve Machine

Single Serve Machine

Fill a reusable K-Cup with Its Not Coffee for a dark rich blend  

Add Less for a weaker brew


Drip Coffee Maker

Single Serve Machine

Single Serve Machine

It's Concentrated 

Use 1 level tablespoon for 2 - 8 oz. cups

This makes a dark blend 

Add less for a weaker brew


French Press

Single Serve Machine

French Press

My Favorite!
Use 1 level tablespoon per 2 - 8oz. cups
This makes a dark blend
Add Less for weaker brew

Price List

Beresheet Herb Company Lakewood, Ohio

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It's Not Coffee

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